“Main Munna Hu” is an elixir of hope.... Book Review by Shikha Sharma

“Main Munna Hu” is an elixir of hope and an incitement to the shriveled and muted voices; an intense message to the survivors that the shame is on the aggressor and not on them. The desire to molest a child is already ‘there’ even before the child appears!

The depiction of the trauma that a child has to go through seemed real but the spirit to survive and the denial will to surrender against the vandalized and assaulted dignity is the epitome of the novel. The mood and the tone of the novel is empathetic and optimistic respectively. Narrative of the “Mystical Vrindavan” and the “bucolic landscape of Nepal and Jharkhand” adds to a galore of sanguinity in the novel.

Character coercion is avoided and the characters are built in the realm of necessity and avoiding the unnecessary nuances of character multitudes. Every character carries it’s own poise and dilemma and the author has refrained himself from justifying each character. Each one has its own portrayal, charm and epoch in the novel. It seemed they are presented as they wanted to be sans the exaggeration to comply with any kind of justification to them. The steady continuity between each chapters is praiseworthy. The intervention of Kinnu, Keshav, and Amoha seemed attitudinal appendages to me, existential and equivalent to self-esteem and self-determination; inner voices that are ominous to the outer evil. The divinity of these inner voices scintillates and rule the inner self.

The conversation between Munna and his father emphasizing on the strategy behind the entrance and exit of people in life as “Devdoots” will leave an everlasting legacy worth aspiring to.

“Main Munna Hu” is the second book penned by Manish Shrivastava. The novel will strike a responsive chord that might trigger an emotional outburst among masses, and a change in the cultural norm of defending the aggressor and condemning the survivor. The novel is an odyssey of a ‘survivor’ full of warmth and raging courage. The essence of the novel is comprehended by the line below: “There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela

Pages: 356

Price: 370

Publisher: Notion press

Link: https://notionpress.com/read/main-munna-hun 

Review By Shikha Sharma


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